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Our Testimonials

"Passageways provides our staff with such an intuitive and well organized way to access the information and tools they need daily to perform their jobs and stay connected to the credit union environment."

Marcia Soderberg
VP Communication

"Passageways' portal and modules provide our organization with customizable, easy-to-use solutions that permit rapid implementation for a range of business processes."

Suzy May
Corporate E-Communications Coordinator

"Passageways Portal helps meet our needs for better member service at the point of contact and helped us to implement an information delivery system that everybody benefits from, on so many fronts."

Cindy Wallace
Web Services Manager

"Passageways' customers are treated more like business partners than simple clients. In that partner relationship, Passageways values the feedback and insight we provide."

Scott McCall
VP Information Systems

"Passageways has provided excellent service to our bank. The personalized training, quick and easy start up and their ongoing support is proof and it gives me confidence in their product. Once it was installed 2 years ago, I can't imagine our business without it."

Mackenzie D. Thoma
Operations Specialist Farmers

"Passageways gave us the option to customize our portal with ease and flexibility. In the beginning, our portal simply was a way to communicate information now all our colleagues use it as a necessary tool in order to do our jobs. After 3 years we are continually happy with the results we receive from our portal."

Noelle F. Castorena
Communication Specialist

"I don't know our organization's account number with Passageways, and in truth, I'm not sure I've ever been made aware of one. From day one, a telephone call to support, accounting or development has only required me to state my first name and my bank's name. In a world of lengthy telephone menus, automated email systems and difficult to reach account representatives, this level of friendly customer service is unheard of."

Julie Hedrick
Portal Coordinator

"When we went searching for an application to replace our existing intranet, we were looking for something that would be that single location where all our employees went to search for information along with improved functionality. We found that with Passageways. Using the Group Collaboration functions, Products and Services, and the ability to customize web pages and the main navigation has given us that one stop location all of our employees turn for information"

Mike Randall

"We needed to bridge the communication gap between our 1,000+ employees, in over 62 branches in 7 states throughout the U.S. We wanted a central place where employees could easily find the information necessary for their jobs and improve internal communications. Passageways made that happen."

Candy Seabrook
Vice President

"No one has missed a compliance test so far and over 1000 courses have been completed! It has saved us $150,000 in about a year!"

Ken Burnett
Director of Training

"The management team really appreciates the accuracy and detail of the information while saving one person per branch in staffing to administer a paper sign-in sheet."

Hank Phillips
VP of Technology

Passageways offers various collaboration solutions. Set up a free consultation with our team for your Employee, Board, Vendor or Customer collaboration needs.