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Our Philanthropic Side..

Today, the Space exploration, the Human Genome Project, and countless medical advancements all owe their success directly to unprecedented collaboration. Collaboration has truly come of age.

Our portals might not be used to cure cancer directly, but our portals are certainly helping our customers become effective hospitals, more secure banks, more agile software companies, more transparent non-profits, or just a better performing organization.

We help doctors, corporate managers, bankers, directors, CEOs, and many others to do their jobs more effectively and work better with their teams. If you step back for a minute and look at the vast array of customers using our software, it's not too difficult to draw a line from our products to some of the most exciting efforts taking place today. Our mission is to make our world more collaborative, not because we think it's a good goal, but because we believe it's the best way we can help our world become a better place. We might not be curing cancer, but that doesn't mean our software won't help the person who is, and we think that is pretty neat.

At Passageways, we believe in giving back to those around us. Our altruism can be seen ingrained deep within each department of Passageways. We have a Customer Success Manager who runs her own No-Kill Shelter and Adoption Center in her spare time. We have a developer who spends his spare time working with kids to help them understand programming, math and science. We have countless employees who join in walks, runs, and bike rides to support a variety of important causes. All of these examples are just some of the basics. The specific work isn't important to note, as Alexander Pope said, "Do good by stealth, and blush to find it fame," but rather to recognize that this value runs deep within our culture. Two years ago we decided to unify our efforts and replace a long list of scattershot projects with something really big.

We decided to take the pledge and launch a 1/1/1 initiative. 2014 marks our first full year of implementation and we are excited by the results it promises. The 1/1/1 Model derives its name from the triple pronged attack towards charity. As opposed to simply giving a monetary donation occasionally, Passageways has taken the pledge to give 1% of our products, 1% of employee time, and 1% of revenue to worthy, charitable causes.

1% Time

Passageways Employees are encouraged to give 1% of their time (21 hours) a year to contribute, as they like towards suitable non-profit volunteer activity. Employees have taken advantage of this part of the philosophy to donate hundreds of hours towards national and local charities.

1% Product

At the end of the calendar year, Passageways will tally the total number of portals sold and donate products totaling 1% of that number to charitable organizations who could benefit from the use of our collaboration platforms.

1% Revenue

Passageways plan to donate 1% of our total revenue from 2013 to non-profit organizations. These funds will be used throughout 2014.

If you would like your organization to be considered for any of these opportunities we would love to hear from you! Email our CEO directly, Paroon Chadha at with your organization name and how we can help. Our team will contact you and discuss the possibilities!

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