• Passageways Employee Portal

    We believe the best business strategies can fail if your corporate culture holds your employees back.

  • We believe that corporate culture is to an organization what personality is to a person. It is how you behave, collectively.

    Passageways Employee Portal
  • Passageways Employee Portal

    We believe you can be intentional about culture in order to develop an engaging one.

  • We believe in Employee Portals that enable an engaging culture.

    Passageways Employee Portal
Passageways Employee Portal


  • Utilize employee profiles, products, and services to help get new employees on board
  • Use portal modules to automate processes to keep your organization agile, scalable, and growing
  • Give your team the tools they need to access just the content they want and when they want it

Customer Service

  • Enable employees to quickly find and access information they need to help your customers
  • Improve your customers' satisfaction with responsive and informed staff
  • Whether it's a procedure, product, or service your Employee Portal makes sure the content you need is where you need it, when you need it, and when the customer needs it

Employee Intranet: Product overview

Passageways has been helping businesses, non-profits and government to grow their entire organization for more than a decade and we've learned a lot from helping customers achieve their most important objectives. The Passageways Employee Portal is comprised of a set of tools that allow your business to improve efficiency, enhance communication, enable customer service, facilitate growth, and expand culture. Combined with unprecedented support dedicated to ensuring your success, the Passageways Employee Portal offers more than just intranet software. Read more to learn about the Passageways difference.

Corporate Culture

  • Customers are more easily attracted with a great product. Talent is more easily attracted with a great culture
  • Your Employee Portal touches every department and every employee; make it reflect your unique culture
  • Use the Employee Portal to help your employees appreciate being a part of something larger by constant reinforcing


  • Update your staff on important strategic goals
  • Target specific groups within the organization instead of filling up the inbox
  • Facilitate collaboration by providing your employees resources and critical information


  • Put the power in the hands of your employees
  • Allow managers to create and maintain their own workgroups and pages
  • Let team leaders introduce links and documents that are important for their departments
  • Use our free implementation templates to help keep groups consistent and looking sharp

Passageways is an exclusive CSS Strategic Alliance provider.

The Passageways Difference

Passageways was created with a passion for collaborative solutions. Our team is approachable, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and committed to your success.

Passageways offers a level of service unrivaled by other software companies. We want you to succeed because we understand the importance of your project. The Passageways team will partner with you to understand your needs and business objectives throughout your Passageways experience. Starting with implementation, we will work together through planning, training, and population phases to help you reach your objectives. Once your portal is live and employees are feeling its early benefits, the Passageways team will be eager to help you explore the next frontier for your Employee Portal.

When you work with Passageways you are joining a family. We want you to feel as comfortable with us as you would with your family, and that is what sets Passageways apart. That is The Passageways Difference.

Passageways Employee Portal
Passageways Employee Portal

Employee Intranet: Product Features

• Activity Feeds
• Rich User Profiles
• Teams and Department Pages
• Announcements with Search
• Polls and Discussions Boards
• Document Management
• Full Text Document Search
• Calendars with Outlook Integration
• Access External Live Websites

• Help Desks
• Products in a Wiki-like directory
• Forms Creation and Management
• Dashboards
• Expense Reporting Workflow
• Assigned Tasks
• Enterprise Instant Messaging
• Photo Albums
• Vendor Management

Every Passageways Solution can further be customized for your specific needs, by your team or by using Passageways Consulting Services.


The Employee Portal solution is available in three packages and implementation timelines can run anywhere from 7 to 10 weeks depending on which package you choose to start with. Your customer success manager will guide you through the implementation process to align your portal launch to your organization's objectives. Leveraging the experience of over 300 portal implementations, your Passageways team will help you achieve new success.

Passageways Employee Portal


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Every Passageways Solution can further be customized for your specific needs, by your team or by using Passageways Consulting Services.

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