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Passageways’ Employee Portal

Passageways' Employee Portal is a collaboration tool, designed for financial institutions, that networks your organization across departments, projects, and branches. Every Employee Portal is uniquely tailored to meet the needs of our customers. We believe in providing unprecedented support, partnering with you to create a solution that is right for you. For more than a decade we have worked with financial institutions to facilitate their growth, listening and adapting our technology the entire time. The result is a suite of powerful customizable tools that enable collaborative communication, improve employee efficiency, and allow you to engage with your customers on a personal basis.

Portal Tools

The tools we offer are built on a foundation of communication, culture, customer services, and growth.
When building your employee portal, we will individually tailor your package to meet your organizational needs.


Your portal is the key interface between your organization and employees, it’s where news is shared, information is organized, and your culture is on display. We offer tools to ensure your workplace stands out as a culturally rich environment.

Passageways’ Employee Portal was designed to allow your financial institution to intelligently scale; you’ll find that your portal contains the tools your financial institution needs to meet your business objectives.

Passageways’ Employee Portal offers a suite of tools that keep employees on the same page. Your portal will facilitate collaborative environments across departments, projects, teams, and branches.

Your Employee Portal is built to improve your customers' satisfaction with tools designed specifically for financial institutions. Your portal is designed to quickly identify customer information and formulate solutions to meet their individual needs.


The Passageways Difference

The Passageways team is thoughtful, knowledgeable, and committed to your success. We have been developing Employee Portals designed for financial institutions for over a decade. Those partnerships have helped us shape a product uniquely positioned to serve the needs of banks and credit unions. Simply, we want you to succeed and we understand the stakes involved.


We work to cultivate an engaging, fun, and innovative culture that is reflected throughout our organization. We know your success is dependent on hands-on engagement, and it’s why we assign a dedicated Customer Success Manager to all of our clients. Their knowledge and experience ensure that your problems or questions are addressed without hassle.

What's more, the Passageways team holds an annual conference, PowWOW, to celebrate our customers' cool new ideas, to unveil updates, to listen and engage with our customers, and to chart the year ahead. We have been hosting our PowWOW conference for over a decade, and along the way we have learned how to make this event special; for our customers, our friends, and everyone involved. From our Red Carpet ceremony, to Passageways University, and our Besties competition, we are committed to fostering an atmosphere of peer engagement.


Consulting Services

Passageways Consulting Services is the result of our extensive work with banks and credit unions. We will sit down and discuss your organization, operations, and staff size. If you have envisioned a cool new business tool, if you have a great idea to help streamline your operations, we will work with you to adapt our technology to make your vision a reality. The result is a custom solution to drive growth and engagement. By understanding your needs we create tools tailored specifically to your institution. You can find out more about custom solutions here.


Passageways stands committed to personalized training and hands-on workshop to ensure our customers get the most out of our products. Passageways University is the best place to learn about your new Passageways products, hone your skills, or train a new member of your team. It’s a setting to explore everything you can do with your Employee Portal. Throughout the year our hands-on workshops and Webinars aim to help you connect the dots, to make your portal more engaging, to ensure your portal is user-friendly, and to answer any questions you might have.


Employee Portal Packages


Get your portal started with a package that includes our most popular suite of tools and services.


Collaboration Tools

Vendor Management

Help Desk


Online Training Services

Guided Implementation


The Professional package comes with our powerful suite of tools and free event registration.

Includes all of Essential, plus:

Products and Services

Form Creation and Management

Expense Reports

Vendor management

Enterprise Instant Messenger

One free Passageways Event Registration


The Enterprise Package is a complete solution that comes with our most powerful and popular tools.

Includes all of Professional, plus:

Employee Recognition

Management Blog

Supply Order Management

Onsite Training

Two free Passageways Event Registration


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Employee Portal require On-Premise set up?

Passageways can install your Employee Portal based on your needs.

What are the system requirements for an On-Premise set up?

We offer service for a variety of equipment, visit this link to see the requirements.

What is the process for implementing this solution?

The Employee Portal solution is available in three packages and implementation will vary depending on your package. Your customer success manager will guide you through the implementation process to align your portal launch to your organization’s objectives.

What technology is the Employee Portal built on?

The Employee Portal is built on .NET and C Sharp technology.

Can my organization build its own custom modules? Does Passageways offer services to create custom solutions?

We offer both solutions. The Passageways community has benefited from innovative products built by organization and through tools built through our consulting services.

Can we add additional subscribers at a later time?

Yes, you can add additional subscribers at anytime.


The Employee Portal solution is available in three packages and implementation timelines can run anywhere from 7 to 10 weeks depending on which package you choose to start with. Your customer success manager will guide you through the implementation process to align your portal launch to your organization's objectives. Leveraging the experience of over 300 portal implementations, your Passageways team will help you achieve new success.




Passageways has the most amazing customer service; everyone I’ve had contact with from Sales to Implementation is friendly and incredibly helpful. It’s also refreshing to work with a company who not only requests feedback on a regular basis, but acts on it. They are a company who listens to their customers and love what they do.

Jill Martin, Training Director/HR Asst, Bank of Eastern Oregon

When we went searching for an application to replace our existing intranet, we were looking for something that would be that single location where all our employees went to search for information along with improved functionality. We found that with Passageways. Using the Group Collaboration functions, Products and Services, and the ability to customize web pages and the main navigation has given us that one stop location all of our employees turn for information.

Mike Randall, VP/COO, Silver State Schools Credit Union

Passageways provides our staff with such an intuitive and well organized way to access the information and tools they need daily to perform their jobs and stay connected to the credit union environment.

Marcia Soderberg, VP Communication, Lake Trust Credit Union

No one has missed a compliance test so far and over 1000 courses have been completed! It has saved us $150,000 in about a year.

Ken Burnett, Director of Training, Bank of American Fork

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