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In this ever changing market, we believe that service and value will always prevail. We provide our customers with unrivaled support to ensure our products stay relevant, useful, and show you a consistent return on your investment with us. When you invest with us, we invest in you. That's why we offer annual subscription, so we can show you how we earn your business year after year. here are some highlights on what to expect from our team:

Dedicated Implementation Assistance

As soon as your sale is finalized we will introduce you to your new best friend, your Customer Success Manager(CSM). Our CSM are dedicated to walking you through our speedy implementation process and helping you breathe life into your portal. Your CSM will hold regular meetings throughout your implementation process, ensuring you start seeing a return within the timeframe that you want.

Revolutionizing Customer Service

Once your implementation is complete, your Customer Success Manager will be available via direct phone call or email to help with anything you need. At Passageways we have revolutionized the idea of software support. Our CSM have a set number of customers to ensure that you don't wait for days to get the help you need. No more waiting in line just to talk to a stranger who doesn't know you or your organization. You will come to know your CSM just like a family member and they will take care of you like you were a member of theirs, because you are!

Technical Support You Can Count On

With over a combined century of technical support experience, our Technical Support staff is available any time via phone, email, or dedicated help desk to solve any technical problems. As with any other critical system within your organization you need the confidence in your vendor to know that if something happens there are people in place who can help, and can help fast. Within 1 hour of contacting our technical support department you will receive a response (and often a solution) in the form of a phone call or email.

Feedback Focused Development

For the past decade Passageways has continued to grow and shape our products into even more effective tools for you. We are able to make these leaps and bounds in innovation through one simple best practice; we listen to our customers and their industry. Our Product Managers go to great lengths to speak with customers and our CSM about how our products are being used and how we can improve them. We have implemented over 500 new features to improve functionality over the last year alone. Passageways is, above all, a software company, and our developers take what they do seriously.

Peer to Peer Support

Over our 10 years we have earned the trust of over 300 customers on 8 continents around the world. We have built a global family bound together by a simple piece of software that has done so much for so many. The CommuniTree is a community site accessible by all Passageways users. It is a place to share and engage with others just like you. The CommuniTree now boasts over 2000 individual Passageways users all sharing new ideas, best practices, and networking. CommuniTree has won several industry awards for innovation and continues to grow daily.

Passageways Technical Support is ready to help. Contact us by email, telephone (765) 535-1880 Option 1 or login to the Support Center

If you are an existing Passageways customer, you can request access to an online support center for free!

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