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About Passageways Community

At Passageways, we encourage peer to peer sharing, and know that by continuing to share best practices in an open and transparent format, everyone benefits. Over the years, such collaboration has led to the improved effectiveness of individual portals. The launch of the Passageways Community in November of 2010, powered by Passageways platform, has taken this collaboration to a new level.

The Passageways Community is open to all customers and is a platform to connect with peers and Passageways staff on a regular and ongoing basis. Community members can ask questions, share best practices for portal utilization and gain tips and tricks from others. Community members also earn points for community activity. Points have become a good way for peers to validate the credibility and quality of information posted.

After the first 100 days of going live, over 300 community members, representing over 120 organizations are using the community as a great resource to connect with peers and positively impact their own portal experience. While Passageways team knows all about collaboration tools, our customers have leveraged those tools in creative and unique ways. We are fascinated by the way that our portal tools have been used as solutions for various business needs. Our online community is a great way to discover new ways to leverage Passageways tools constantly learning from your peers!

If you are a Passageways customer, join the Passageways community today. You can register for the community here:

You will need your Passageways account number to create your account, so if you do not have that handy, you can either email, or call 765-535-1880. 

If you are an existing Passageways customer, you can join the Passageways online customer community for free!

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