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Going paperless or introducing iPads in the boardroom!

The breakeven point on using OnBoard is less than a year. Check this quick ROI analysis on the costs and benefits of OnBoard and customize this analysis for your specific situation in five minutes!

Why a Board Portal?

Printed board books are bulky and costly to compile and distribute. Moreover, transporting large binded books and maintaining a reference is challenging for your Directors. We live in the Digital Age where technology is replacing these inefficient processes.

Passageways OnBoard is the world's most intuitive board portal software solution that allows Corporate Administrators the ability to compile, distribute and update board of director materials while providing Directors real-time access to materials via online browser or dedicated iPad app.

Passageways OnBoard will increase the performance before, during and after your board meetings.

Get OnBoard...


Updates to board materials can be processed immediately and distributed instantly. Directors receive real-time updates to materials anywhere, anytime.


OnBoard provides you multiple layers of security and consistently meets the security standards of enterprise IT departments, including those of financial institutions.


24/7 access via dedicated iPad app and PC/MAC browsers. Offline access to board materials is simple and secure providing content and annotation "sync" when your Directors reconnect.


The intuitive OnBoard interface ensures seamless adoption by your Directors and an efficient implementation for your Administrative and IT teams.


OnBoard will save an estimated 25% on board material production costs and several hours of your time each month.

Board Portal: Product Features

    Meeting Details

  • Date/Time/Location
  • Map to Meeting Location
  • Instant Updates
  • Intuitive Book Creation

  • Collaborative Options
  • Agenda Templates
  • Drag and Drop Agenda Builder
  • Secure & Confidential

  • SSAE 16
  • Fully Encrypted
  • Offline PIN Access

    Offline Access

  • Password Protected
  • Encrypted Download
  • Auto-Sync Annotations
  • Remote Purge

  • Personal Data Protection
  • Immediate
  • Corporate Data Protection
  • Directory

  • Personal Profile
  • Federated Identity
  • Group-Level Contact Details

    Resource Center

  • Policies/Bylaws/Minutes
  • Role-Based Access
  • File Repository
  • Annotation

  • Confidential
  • Annotation Summary
  • Freehand/Pop-Up/Highlight
  • Notifications

  • Email Alerts
  • Instant Notifications
  • Direct Links


  • Intuitive Interface
  • Easy Navigation
  • Finger Touch or Stylus
  • Meeting

  • Hyperlinked Agenda
  • Keyword Search
  • Quick Access Meeting Roller
  • Multi-Board Support

  • Granular Permission
  • Multi-Organization Support
  • Committee Specific Content
Passageways Board Portal


The Passageways Difference

Passageways was created with a passion for collaborative solutions. Our team is approachable, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and committed to your success.

Passageways offers a level of service unrivaled by other software companies. We want you to succeed because we understand the importance of your project. The Passageways team will partner with you to understand your needs and business objectives throughout your Passageways experience. Starting with implementation, we will work together through planning, training, and population to help you reach your objectives. Once your portal is live and directors are feeling the benefits, the Passageways team will help you extend focus to industry best practices and explore the next frontier for your Board Portal.

When you work with Passageways you are joining a family. We want you to feel as comfortable with us as you would with your family, and that is what sets Passageways apart. That is The Passageways Difference.

Passageways Board Portal


Your OnBoard implementation is streamlined to launch OnBoard by your next board meeting. Your Implementation Specialist will guide you through the implementation process to ensure your objectives are met and the introduction of your Board Portal to your Directors is successful.

Passageways Board Portal
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