Why OnBoard?

Printed board books are bulky, costly and a challenge to distribute. we live in a digital age where technology has replaced these inefficient methods of sharing information. Passageways' OnBoard is the world's most intuitive board portal software solution, built with the minimalistic design, equipped with the tools you need to focus on good corporate governance.

OnBoard allows corporate secretaries and general counsels the ability to easily compile, distribute and update their board and committee materials while providing directors and officers real-time access to those documents through any online browser or our dedicated iPad app.


OnBoard has a minimalistic and intuitive design. Behind the carefully crafted layout and user interface is a discerning solution, built to ensure you spend less time clicking-about and more time focused on your organizations goals. Easy comes standard with OnBoard.

  • Meeting Roller
  • Intuitive Agenda
  • Smart hyperlinked Notifications
  • Drag and Drop Book Building


OnBoard was built so your Board members and officers receive their board books on time, anywhere, without hassle, without chasing down couriered paper books. OnBoard's real power lies in incorporating a seamless user experience, with offline access, last minute updates, natural navigation, and an intuitive structure, that results in a hassle free meeting experience.

  • Annotation Summary
  • Offline Mode with Annotation Sync
  • Agenda Cloning with Templates
  • Actions: Vote, RSVP, Attendance Tracker


OnBoard was built on a secure infrastructure with an granular permission management system, understanding that sensitive information must be protected when shared among its users. What we have built a board portal solution that any organization can rely upon, knowing their data is protected. OnBoard security architecture was designed to withstand both physical and cyber attacks against the system.

  • Physical and Cyber Security Layers
  • Encrypted and checksum Data Protection
  • Offline Pass Code Authentication
  • Private Key Authority

The Passageways Difference

The Passageways team is thoughtful, knowledgeable, and committed to your success. When you work with Passageways we are joining you as partners. We want you to succeed because we understand the stakes involved. We strive to provide top tier service with our well crafted products.

Starting with implementation, we will work together through planning, training, and population to ensure you reach your objectives. Once your portal is live and your directors and officers feel the benefits, the Passageways team will help you extend your focus to industry best practices and explore the next frontier for your Board Portal.


OnBoard Features

  • Intuitive Book Creation
  • Collaborative Options
  • Agenda Templates
  • Drag and Drop Agenda Builder
  • Directory
  • Personal Profile
  • Federated Identity
  • Group-Level Contact Details
  • Multi-Board Support
  • Granular Permission
  • Multi-Organization Support
  • Committee Specific Content
  • Meeting
  • Hyperlinked Agenda
  • Full Board Book Search
  • Quick Access Meeting Roller
  • Approvals and Workflows
  • Electronic Voting
  • Meeting RSVP and Attendance

Frequently Asked Questions

How Secure is OnBoard?

Securing your most sensitive information is our highest priority. OnBoard provides security in three layers: physical, application, and mobile. Not only is your data encrypted, but OnBoard is equipped with a remote data wipe capability.

How can I make last minute changes to board materials?

Passageways knows that revisions are a fact of life for board materials. The administrator can update files or add new ones to the board book at any time and directors can trust that each time they access OnBoard they will possess the latest version of their board book.

Are Director notes private?

Passageways knows that limiting liability and easing the discoverability concerns are a priority for an secure board portal. All notes within OnBoard are private to the note taker alone. Only the note taker has the power to decide when and with whom to share their notes.

How easy is it to review documents?

OnBoard's agenda driven navigation, robust annotation tools, and annotation summary gives you the ease of the paper world with all the power of our digital age.

Can I view my documents offline?

OnBoard was designed to be a seamless experience for directors whether connected or not to the Internet. Board materials can be tagged to be reviewed offline. Your information including annotations automatically sync with the server when a connection is restored. This allows you to always have access to the information you need.

How Do I get started?

Passageways offers a free trial, with no credit card, and no obligation. You can also schedule a free consultation or product presentation by our sales team.

Can Passageways staff access customers meetings data?

No, the Passageways team cannot access customers meeting data.


OnBoard implementation is streamlined to launch by your next board meeting. You will have an implementation specialist guide you through the process to ensure your objectives are met and the introduction of your Board Portal to your directors is successful. We are your partners, available from day one to assist you with any questions that may arise.




[OnBoard] improved the quality of our work life. That's it right there, that's what we loved.

Randy Blackburn, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Pan American Bank

I love that I can take and keep notes as I would in the paper world, but I get the improved experience with the ipad and its navigation.

Marc Moore, Director, Motor City Community Credit Union

Passageways has been really good about listening to their users. Their product is user friendly and continues to expand its functionality.

Pat Pettit, Director of IT, Millikin University

Passageways Board portal allows our board members easy access to important documents, agendas and a calendar of events before and during meetings, our board members were able to see the benefits in transitioning to a completely paperless board packet

Speros A. Batistatos, President and CEO, South Shore CVA

We are trusted by hundreds of organizations worldwide